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Engine sludge can be a very serious problem. The best way to reduce or prevent deposits and sludge build-up is to regularly change your oil based on your driving conditions and your environment. So, is an engine flush right for my vehicle? To answer this question we need to need to take a step back and […]

A while back I wrote about some ways operators save money by using oil converters. This was a hot topic at the most recent iFlex show as many operators asked about using converters in place of specialty oils or combined with them. For every advocate of converters, there is a naysayer! I am sure one […]

In my twenty-five plus years in the automotive service business, I have seen plenty of change! In fact, it seems that one of the main constants in our business is CHANGE! We’ve seen oil specifications changing (imagine going back twenty years and telling a co-worker that 0W16 would be the oil of the future), oil […]

If you are a sports fan, you have undoubtedly seen the rash of suspensions in professional sports for violations of a substance abuse policy. While sometimes you have to roll your eyes at the excuses some of these athletes make, I am sure there are cases out there of an athlete using a supplement they […]