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About Us - Arcadio Valentin, Jr. - Freelancer

Arcadio Valentin, Jr. or Atho as we call him, began work as a freelancer for Throttle Muscle in 2012. Since that time he has completely revamped our entire graphics package, marketing, brochures and more!

A message from Atho:

My name is Arcadio “Atho” Valentin Jr., I'm a graphic designer tied up with Throttle Muscle. My family and I here at the Philippines are very thankful for being a part of this amazing company. Not only that they had given us a means for earning, but with its very amazing advocacy in raising funds for MDA.


MDA helps children with Muscular Dystrophy be positive and happy, and provides free health care clinic for them.


Join us in helping these children by supporting Make a Muscle by using Throttle Muscle and Muscle Blades. For every time we purchase these product we make a child with Muscular Dystrophy smile.


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