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About Us - Tara Mead, Owner

Tara Mead is one of the founding members of REV Your Cause, LLC. She has worked in the Automotive Industry since she graduated Cal Poly Pomona with her Master's degree in Business Administration.

A message from Tara:

Thank you for helping our team make a Muscle for MDA! I am committed to raising funds that will help support the research it takes to find the cures for muscle diseases.


My name is Tara Mead and I am an owner of REV Your Cause, LLC. I helped start the company because everyone I have met at MDA is so upbeat and positive it would be impossible not to get on board and want to help them 100% I want to make it easy for everyone to help.


One thing that makes me passionate about MDA is hearing local families talk about their experience with muscular dystrophy and the hope MDA gives them. Knowing that there is still a chance to develop an effective treatment or cure makes me want to do everything in my power to help! Your purchase of Throttle Muscle and Muscle Blades brings us one step closer!


Thank you for considering us!

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